2018 Southland Basketball Tournament Tickets on Sale Now

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first_imgFRISCO, Texas – Tickets for the 2018 Southland Conference Basketball Tournament, which will be held March 7-11 at the Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy, Texas, are on sale now via Ticketmaster. The men’s tournament tips off Wednesday, March 7, with first-round games at 5 and 7:30 p.m. CT. Men’s second-round games will be played Thursday, March 8, at 5 and 7:30 p.m., and the semifinal games will be played Friday at 5 and 7:30 p.m. The men’s championship game will be played Saturday at 8 p.m. and be televised live on ESPN2. All other Southland Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament games will be featured on ESPN3. Fri, March 9:                      Women’s Second Round                                             Women’s Games 3 and 4 – 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (ESPN3) 2018 Southland Conference Tournament Schedule The winners of the conference men’s and women’s tournaments will earn the Southland Conference’s automatic bid into the 2018 NCAA tournaments. The NCAA Men’s Final Four will be held March 29 and April 2 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, while the NCAA Women’s Final Four will be March 30 and April 1 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Reserved tickets for each session are $25 each, while general admission tickets are $20 apiece. Tickets for all men’s and women’s tournament games are available now at all Ticketmaster outlets and Ticketmaster.com.                                              Men’s Championship Game                                             Men’s Game 7 – 8 p.m. (ESPN2) “The Southland Conference is pleased to return to Katy and begin our second decade at the Merrell Center,” said Southland Commissioner Tom Burnett. “The City of Katy and the Merrell Center have proven excellent hosts and partners. We are eager to return in three months for another exciting five days of Southland basketball.”                                              Men’s Semifinals                                             Men’s Games 5 and 6 – 5 and 7:30 p.m. (ESPN3) Wed, March 7:                  Men’s First Round                                             Men’s Games 1 and 2 – 5 and 7:30 p.m. (ESPN3) Sat, March 10:                  Women’s Semifinals                                             Women’s Games 5 and 6 – 1 and 3:30 p.m. (ESPN3)                                              Men’s Second Round                                             Men’s Games 3 and 4 – 5 and 7:30 p.m. (ESPN3) The tournament will be in Katy and the Merrell Center for an 11th straight season. Women’s first-round games will be played Thursday, March 8 at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Women’s second-round games will be played Friday, March 9, at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Semifinal games are scheduled for Saturday, March 10 at 1 and 3:30 p.m. The women’s championship game will be played Sunday, March 11 at noon.  The championship contest will be televised on CBS Sports Network. All other Southland Conference Women’s Basketball Tournament games will be broadcast on ESPN3. Thurs, March 8:                Women’s First Round                                             Women’s Games 1 and 2 – 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (ESPN3) Discounted tickets are available for groups of 20 or more. Group tickets to any session are $15 for general admission only. Fans interested in purchasing group tickets should call 972-422-9500, ext. 113. Sun, March 11:                Women’s Championship Game                                                            Women’s Game 7 – noon (CBSSN)last_img read more

Harmon, Jagdeo clash over review of ExxonMobil contract

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first_imgMinister of State Joseph Harmon defended the Government’s decision to review a 17-year-old oil exploration licence with US oil and gas exploration company ExxonMobil, after Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo questioned the rationale behind the review and how Guyana stands to benefit.Opposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoMinister of State Joseph HarmonJagdeo, a former President and Finance Minister, told a news conference on Wednesday that he was concerned about what this review entails in the absence of any concrete reasons put forward by Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman, who made the announcement.Jagdeo said there are a number of key questions that needed to be answered by the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration regarding the review, including Trotman’s statement that this is in an effort to “get closer to ExxonMobil.”“Does this mean that they are going to give out more concession to ExxonMobil? What does this review means? Who is going to oversee this? Do we have international lawyers who have dealt with the large companies like ExxonMobil, who will have hundreds of lawyers on their side that are well versed in petroleum law, etc? Do we have advisors that can advise on best practices in contracts etc?”Jagdeo asked, adding that “My fear is that the answer is no.”The trained Economist said he was fearful of Trotman’s involvement in the negotiations, since the Minister lacks the technical and other expertise to negotiate a proper agreement.“We have a mediocre Minister who will get some advice from a few people surrounding him and we will enter into negotiations with ExxonMobil with a view to getting closer to them and then the country will face the consequences in the future,” Jagdeo stated.He said he is always concerned when Ministers get too involved with negotiations with oil companies, pointing out that this is precisely one of the reasons why the world is pushing so hard for full implementation and adherence to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), so as to ensure that politicians are somewhat barred from negotiations of terms with companies, thus preventing accusations of corruption or selling out of national interests.The former President, under whose presidency ExxonMobil was granted an exploration licence, has warned that any bad agreement entered into with the oil exploration company will be reviewed once his party is returned to power.“Let me make it clear that any bad agreement with ExxonMobil that would harm our national interest, the [People’s Progressive Party] PPP will have to review once it gets back into power, because this would last us for generations into the future because we can’t allow one Minister who is unprepared and incompetent to sell out national interest and possibilities of billions of dollars in future, because they want to get closer to the oil company,” Jagdeo warned.However, Minister Harmon in response to the Opposition Leader said that the review of the contract is within the Government’s right and is aimed at deriving greater benefits from the oil sector for Guyanese.“It is our right as a sovereign nation to review any contract which has been entered into by the previous administration. We have a right to review things. In fact, in reviewing the contract, we will find that much more significant benefits will accrue to the People of Guyana as opposed to that which was negotiated by the previous Administration,” Harmon told a post-Cabinet news conference on Thursday.Responding to Jagdeo’s allegations that Trotman wants to “sell out national interest”, Harmon said the Natural Resources Minister is not acting on his own accord, but is part of a process of the Government, thus, whatever he negotiates must be sanctioned by Cabinet and the Government as a whole.“Minister Trotman is part of a Government and a part of Cabinet, therefore whatever he negotiates, the Cabinet would look at it and give its comments and so on, before any decision is made, so for Mr Jagdeo to say Trotman is selling out Guyana and stuff, that mindset is because that is what he was accustomed to doing, that he’s now thinking that because all of these things are now being put into the public domain, that is Trotman doing it, so he sees Trotman as a target,” he claimed.ExxonMobil has been exploring for oil off shore Guyana since 1999 and in 2015, announced that there was a major deposit in the Stabroek Block Off-shore Guyana.Further, from a second well, the US-based oil and gas exploration company on Thursday announced that it found another deposit with between 800 million and 1.4 billion oil-equivalent barrels.last_img read more

Thought Leadership: Forward with Africa

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first_imgHaving established that all our people want is development, it follows that someone has to lead the charge. What kind of development do we need and want? In what sequence do we implement the different aspects and levels of development, and at what pace? We have established in our Development series that at the technical level, development means different things to different nations. The priorities will differ. That means that every nation-state has to define development for itself. We cannot import Nation X’s definition of development. Although we may borrow elements of it, those elements have to be prioritized according to our needs and the context of our environment. Blanket formulas for development handed down from elsewhere will not work. They cannot be super-imposed on us – not even if a few million dollars are thrown at us. One cannot pay a Liberian woman a million dollars to wear an ill-fitting lappa suit to church.So how do we determine how we implement development? We need leadership. Our solutions will have to start from within. We will need to first clean house at home and set some priorities for ourselves. We will need to better manage what we have before we go elsewhere to bring anything else in.Economically, it would behoove us to determine our opportunity costs. Wouldn’t it be less expensive for us to grow our own food than to import it? Shouldn’t we begin to prioritize the Made-in-Liberia brand? There’s just one problem. CORRUPTION, the mindset of our people. Corruption was never just a government thing. Government simply became a showcase for corruption. The disease is a national pandemic, and this is where the leadership aspect will apply most forcefully. This is where THOUGHT LEADERSHIP will rule the day. When we say Thought Leadership, we talk about inspiring change in the mindset of the people. That means from corruption to brand integrity. From dependency to self-sufficiency; not just in food but in everything. From foreign domination to Liberianization. From indiscipline to discipline. From African Time to Universal Central Time. From consumerism to production-ism. From apathy to collective commitment. From receivership as a nation to leadership as a nation. Yes, it will be a rebranding of ourselves and of our nation-state. Thought leadership will need to be the new foundation upon which we build any development. Otherwise, any development will be unsustainable, and breakdowns will become a daily occurrence. Looking forward, though, these phenomena must go on to apply continent-wide. Thought Leadership must inspire intra-African trade. Brand Africa must become a priority. And why do we need Thought Leadership now more than ever? Because the battles that divide us are psychological before they manifest as physical. We need leadership that will inspire the continent-wide realization that we sink or swim as an African continent. This is a very exciting prospect for the future of the African continent. And yes, it is absolutely possible in our lifetime! But who will those leaders be that will collaborate to form a Consortium of Thought Leadership focused on the unity and advancement of the African continent? Then again, while collaboration will be crucial, it may just take one man or woman to lead the charged. That is not strange. We think of Madiba; Martin Luther King; Barack Obama; Joseph Jenkins Roberts, our own first Liberian thought leader; William V.S. Tubman, father of the concept of African Unity and of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) that is now the African Union (AU). It is not that these men were flawless. No. It is that they had a leadership-worthy vision in their time. They inspired and built foundations for nations; continents.Who will Liberia’s next thought leader be? Who will lead the continent of Africa into the greatness for which it is destined?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Fire partially destroys Corentyne Office

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first_imgA fire on Good Friday partly destroyed the building which houses the 52-74 Water Users Association (WUA) office at Number 63 Village, Corentyne. The fire destroyed the office which stores all records and the main computer. Initial reports from the Guyana Fire Service stated that the fire could have been electrical in nature, but the Police have not ruled out arson, and are still probing.When this publication visited on Saturday, there were two holes on the inner wall where the fire had consumed the plyboard wall. Both of them were next to where an electrical point was situated. Investigators are of the view that the fire might have been started at those two points.Meanwhile on Saturday, the police were called in after several members of the association clashed with those who previously served as office bearers in an allegedly disorderly encounter.last_img read more

Delays in hearing an indictment on Judiciary – Jagdeo

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first_imgElections petitionOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has expressed his frustration over the long delays in the hearing of the 2015 Elections Petition filed by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and has since said that it is an indictment on the part of the Judiciary.Jagdeo was at the time commenting on President David Granger’s statement about revising the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) structure, which is currently using the Carter Formula. The Opposition Leader lamented that the People’s National Congress (PNC), which is the largest party in the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) alliance, never had an issue with the composition of GECOM before but with the elections results.On this note, he posited that unlike the actions the PNC took when they lost theOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo1997 elections, the PPP is still awaiting the court to fast-track its elections petition that was filed following the 2015 polls.“Until now, we can’t get our court case heard which is in itself an indictment of this Judiciary and those who now run the Judiciary.” Jagdeo, who is also the General Secretary of the PPP, went on to draw attention to the urgency such cases are given in other countries.“…An elections petition must be heard urgently, continuously. Look at what is happening in so many countries in Africa, within a month-three weeks, the courts get together, they hear the petition and they make a ruling so they can move forward. This case, we’re on three and a half years and we’re no closer to getting it heard,” he asserted.After losing the 2015 General and Regional Elections by just over 4500 votes, the petition was filed on behalf of the PPP/C, seeking to challenge the validity of the outcome of the 2015 General and Regional Elections which it said were not held in conformity with the Constitution of Guyana.The matter, which was filed in the name of PPP/C parliamentarian, Ganga Persaud, essentially requested a recount of all ballot boxes for the last elections and fresh elections were also called for. He had claimed that the elections were “unlawfully conducted” and that the results of the elections were affected.He cited procedural errors and instances of fraudulent and/or suspicious actions during the elections. Unrest, fake Statements of Poll (SoPs) and multiple voting were among the reasons for the petition. Further, the presence of ‘huge mobs’ at several polling stations and other strategic places, particularly in Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica), were also cited by the party as another cause forThe High Courtintimidation and fear.But the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield had described the petition as frivolous and vexatious. He said too that the petition discloses no reasonable cause of the action and asked for it to be struck out.But before demitting office, former Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang overruled Lowenfield’s summons to have the petition struck out. Justice Chang had ruled that the summons to strike out the petition was premature and therefore the court should proceed in hearing it.Attorney representing Lowenfield, Roysdale Forde, had filed an appeal and further disclosed that Chang erred in law when he failed to direct his mind to the summons and to apply the proper principles applicable to the striking out of the petition.Forde said the Judge erred in law when he made a finding and determination with respect to Article 163 (1) of the Constitution of Guyana and its relationship with Section 42 of the National Assembly Validity of Election Act, Chapter 1:04 without affording the Appellant an opportunity of responding to the said finding.The appeal of the former Chief Justice’s ruling is currently in the Full Court of the High Court before acting Chief Justice Roxane George and Justice Franklin Holder, pending a verdict.With the petition still languishing in the High Court for more than three years, the Opposition has since announced its intention to approach the Court of Appeal to fast-track the case.last_img read more

Enerplex taking shape; Referendum held 3 years ago Wednesday

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first_imgIt was three years ago Wednesday, that 12.8 percent of the eligible voters in Fort St. John turned out to cast ballots in a referendum.55.9 percent of them then gave the city its requested approval, to borrow up to 15 million dollars over 30 years for the municipal portion of the construction costs of the Enerplex. Now workers are placing the finishing touches on The Enerplex.- Advertisement -Facilities & Protective Services Director Jim Rogers provided an update to City Council on Monday night.[asset|aid=1563|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=ca39f585adcf1718e065a2ab5673fc1f-Rogers 1_2_Pub.mp3]He says workers will continue installing windows, painting, and dry-walling during the next few weeks. Rogers also says the parking lot will soon take shape.Advertisement He says different discussions will be held on the development soon.last_img read more

Kinoru, Kip Keino headache as CAF team finalizes inspection

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first_imgThe eight-member CAF inspection team led by second vice president Constant Omari is expected to find more or less the same situation at the Kip Keino Stadium when they land for inspection on Friday morning.“Kinoru and Kipchoge Keino are where there are problems. Work hasn’t picked up with as much pace but we are bolstering contractors to ensure that work goes on well and we are focusing so much on that. They (CAF) are fairly happy with Nyayo and Kasarani,” Mwendwa said on Thursday after the CAF team inspected the Kasarani Stadium.The 60,000-seater facility which recently hosted the IAAF World Under-18 Championships is more or less ready with only a few areas needing polishing. It is scheduled to host the opening and closing ceremony as well as Group A matches.Kinoru Stadium worksThe CAF team and members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) were scheduled to meet Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko on Thursday evening but was later called off as the county chief was said to be held up in another function.“We are looking at whether we can schedule it for another day because we were told late on that he (Sonko) is not available,” LOC Deputy CEO Herbart Mwachiro told Capital Sport.-Kipchoge Keino Stadium-The visit to Kipchoge Keino on Friday will be their last before the team holds a meeting with Sports Ministry officials on Saturday. According to the schedule, they are also set to meet Deputy President William Ruto.A decision on whether or not Kenya retains the hosting rights will be made during a CAF Executive Committee meeting in Accra, Ghana on September 23 and the decision will rely majorly on the report filed by the inspection team.According to the LOC, Nyayo should be up and ready by October 20 while Kinoru and Kipchoge Keino are scheduled to be complete by mid November.Kinoru Stadium work in progressMeanwhile, Mwendwa has said the team is more worried about the country’s political stability especially with the October 17 fresh Presidential elections.“The biggest issue to them is not even about the facility, but the political situation in the country. They are saying their sponsors are not happy with the political climate and are asking whether we can have a conducive climate for tournament,” the FKF chief noted.“I will be headed to Kinshasa this weekend where hopefully I can convince them that those issues will not affect us. The Government has given an undertaking in writing and the minister has given security guarantees,” Mwendwa further revealed.FKF continue to hold faith that the tournament will still be held in Kenya even with increased decibels on the sounds of South Africa or Morocco being on high alert as potential replacements should Kenya fall short of the required standard.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Sports Principle Secretary Peter Kaberia (left) and FKF boss Nick Mwendwa (right) chat with CAF Second Vice President Constant Omari during his visit to Kenya in June.Photo/TIMOTHY OLOBULUNAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 14- Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has admitted that the state of the Kinoru Stadium in Meru and the Kipchoge Keino in Eldoret offer the biggest headache as Kenya looks to convince CAF they will be ready for next year’s African Nations Championship (CHAN).Slightly over three months before the tournament begins, work at the Kinoru Stadium is just but taking shape and construction was at its primary stage when the CAF team visited on Wednesday.last_img read more

Malawi land, ready to tackle confident Stars

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first_img0Shares0000Malawi players train at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on September 10, 2018 ahead of their friendly match against Harambee Stars. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 10 – After the huge morale boosting 1-0 victory over Ghana on Saturday in a 2019 African Cup of Nations Qualifier in Nairobi, Kenya’s Harambee Stars will look to wind down the international break on a high when they host Malawi’s flames in an international friendly match on Tuesday.The Malawi national team arrived in the country early Monday morning ahead of Tuesday’s friendly. They flew in from Morocco where they lost to the hosts 3-0 in a Group B 2019 AFCON Qualifier tie. The team trained at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani and head coach Ronny Van Leweugden is looking forward for a huge clash against the hosts with his biggest concentration being on tactically preparing his side for next month’s AFCON qualifier against Cameroon.“For us it’s a very important game because we as a tactical panel, we wanted very much this game because next month we play home and away against Cameroon. We come with a good intention to have a good match. We know Kenya will play with a lot of confidence after that victory against Ghana,” the tactician said.Harambee Stars Head coach Sebastien Migne is expected to make changes to his squad, giving rest to most who played against Ghana on Sunday as he looks to see other players in action. Midfielder Ismail Gonzalez did not train with the rest on Sunday but was on the pitch Monday morning.Also unlikely to play against Malawi are Sweden based midfielders Ovellah Ochieng and Eric Johannah.Malawi head coach Ronny Van Leweugden at the Moi Sports Centre Kasarani on September 10, 2018 ahead of their friendly match against Harambee Stars. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaThe tactician will still have a strong squad to choose from with the likes of Sweden based stars Erick Ouma and David Ochieng set to start, the latter having come on as a second half substitute against Ghana.Midfielder Anthony Akumu and his Zesco United teammate Jesse Were are also expected to be given slots to impress the new coach Migne who has not seen them in competitive play.Meanwhile, Kenya is keen not to let off the feel good factor after beating Ghana and are treating the Malawi tie with just as much seriousness.“It is another opportunity to build on the team because we have a new coach with new philosophies. Such friendly games are important to build cohesion in the team,” Captain Musa Mohammed said.Striker Michael Olunga added; “It is a match that we need to win because also apart from building confidence, it has an effect on FIFA rankings and as a country we want to go up.”The Football Kenya Federation has announced it will lower the gate charges for the tie as a way of thanking fans who turned out in large numbers to cheer on the team against Ghana over the weekend.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


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first_imgEXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION LATEST: DOZENS OF investors in an illegal Donegal investment scheme fear they may never get their money back – though one of those who sold investments insists everyone will get their cash.The scheme is similar to one employed by notorious American crook Bernard Madoff (pictured right). His son Mark Madoff committed suicide in the US last night.In these sort of schemes, many people do get returns. But many others do not. The get-rich-quick scheme however is illegal and Garda sources have confirmed that even if all investors get their cash back, they will seek a number of prosecutions.The Garda Fraud Squad investigation into the mafia scam centres on an ex-prisoner foreign national. However we can reveal tha at least one well-known Donegal man has defended his role in the scheme, insisting it is a legitimate business, that his boss is in the clear and that everyone will get their money back.In a conversation relayed to donegaldaily.com the well-known Donegal man initially denied Gardai were investigating the scheme. When it was pointed out that his boss’s premises had in fact been raided by the cops, he then admitted there is an investigation but that he believed the investment scheme was and is legitimate. He said he hasn’t seen his boss ‘for several weeks’.Friends believe that he too has been taken in by the scam too – and that he thought he was selling legitimate investments. Donegaldaily.com has interviewed a number of people around the county throughout the day. These included people who did invest in the scheme and did make substantial returns. A number of other investors said they had been told they will get their cash back in the next few days.One of those told us last night: “I know people think we were mad investing in this scheme but it was presented very well and by people I knew very well.“I have to believe I will get my money back because I simply can’t afford to lose it. I don’t care at this stage if I don’t make any money on it. I have been told that I will get my money in the next couple of days but I don’t know if I will or not. I can only hope I will.“To be honest I’m just sickened by it all. I can’t even think about Christmas at the moment.”The so-called Ponzi Scheme was a fraudulent operation that paid returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned. The Ponzi scheme usually entices new investors by offering returns other investments cannot guarantee, in the form of short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.They always collapse, with some of those behind them making off with the cash.The Donegal scheme involved the scamsters telling investors that they could get between 10% and 40% on their cash investments in just TWO MONTHS.The elaborate ‘get rich quick’ con involved false claims that people were investing in a company approved by Lloyds of London and Deloittes which bought liquidated stock, which was then sold at huge profit. Neither company was actually involved. One investor was told that the company had bought four luxury Bentley cars for just €10k each and re-sold them to wealthy Arabs for ten times that figure. No such transactions ever took place. The cars didn’t exist.Another investor told us that he was told the money was used to buy cheap airline tickets in bulk which were then sold off at huge profit.However he told us today: “I suppose if it was that easy to get 20% return on an investment, everyone would be doing it. The government could save the country if it was that easy – and the banks would be in better shape. But I got my money back – and more.”Yesterday, Friday, we reported how several premises have been raided in several towns in the county as part of a complicated Garda inquiry. Fraud Squad officers have spent a huge amount of time in undercover vehicles and premises in Ballybofey.We can now reveal that a considerable number of leading business personalities have been interviewed as part of the investigation. Some are extremely well known in the county and beyond.Gardai began their inquiry after a tip-off from the German police which had closed down a similar scheme run by the same convicted fraudster.As a result of the scam, many innocent local people are set to lose fortunes after investing in schemes which have collapsed. Some of the victims are pensioners – others are ordinary workers who were sucked into the scam by professional fraudsters aided by scamsters here in Donegal.Donegaldaily.com understands that the some investors have received their money back without the high returns promised.However we know of one person owed €1.8M and another owed €200k. One man did get his €70k back last week after revealing to one of the crooks that he carried a legally-held firearm!Others however have been promised their money back this weekend, but we are told a €10M account has been ’emptied’. Regardless of those claims, the ‘scheme’ was illegal.Computers and paperwork were removed from several different premises for examination as part of the probe by detectives from the Garda Fraud Squad.However it is not believed any arrests have been made at this stage.A Garda source revealed the investigation is a part of an international inquiry and that offices at businesses in Germany have also been visited and police in Estonia are also helping the inquiry. Police in France and the UK have also been contacted.The PSNI are closing in on a former bank employee in the North who is also linked to the scam.Last night a well-placed source aware of the scheme told us: “I warned several friends to stay well away from this. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.“A lot of people have invested huge sums. The way the Ponzi scheme works, there will always be those at the top who get their money back with interest, but there is never enough for everyone at the end and many people will lose out.“Let’s put it this way – if people are still waiting on their money, I’d be surprised if they ever see it now.”A Garda source said: “A number of premises were visited and different people were spoken to on an informal basis.“Those who were spoken to may not have even been aware that they were involved in anything illegal.“The investigation is part of a wider international investigation but we can’t say too much more about it at this stage,” said the source.It’s understood Gardai are carrying out the inquiry with the help of a number of other international police forces.Today a well-placed source told us: “We are looking at figures between €10M and €20M. And a lot of Donegal people will have lost a fortune in the elaborate money-laundering and investment scam.”The foreign national behind the Donegal con could not be contacted tonight.Many of the con’s records taken by cops appear to show huge takings at a legimitate food establishment – compared to exaggerated lodgements from the same business. Gardai believe large amounts of cash lodged in the name of the apparently legitimate business could not have come from it.For example a Wednesday lunchtime trade involving just six diners apparently led to the lodgement of more than €10k!* Bernard Madoff – the American scamster – is serving 150 years in jail for his part in ripping people off for $18 Billion.* Our investigation is continuing and we hope to expose more details in the next few hours. If you have been a victim, contact us in complete confidence using the contact form on our home page. Several victims already have. We never reveal sources and never use the names of our sources or reveal those sources to anyone.* Please note that several Authorities have informed us that the scheme was ENTIRELY ILLEGAL. However an amnesty may be available for whistleblowers.* This story/investigation is the subject of Copyright Laws and Action will be taken against any newspaper/website taking this story in whole or in part without prior Consent. Copyright donegaldaily.com‘PEOPLE WILL GET THEIR MONEY BACK’ SAYS DONEGAL INVESTMENT MAN – BUT NO SIGN OF HIS ELUSIVE BOSS was last modified: December 12th, 2010 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Mt. St. Helens Performs Fast Rock

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first_imgBefore reading the caption, look at the picture of this football-field size mountain of rock at Astronomy Picture of the Day and guess how old it is.  The answer: about five months.  The smooth rock slab with its cornice tip has grown as much as a meter a day.  The caption contains links to more information about the phenomenon.Someone should date that rock with radiometric methods and find out how many millions of years old it is.  Since there are no fossils in it, it must be Precambrian.(Visited 10 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more