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first_img Few consumer technologies are more cutting-edge than mobile phones and tablets. However, one of the best types of games you can play on them are card games, one of the most old-fashioned genres still kicking. With mobile cards games, you get all the strategy and bluffing of cards games with none of the messy shuffling and physical cards to potentially lose.Mobile card games can also introduce elements physical card games cannot since they have to actually exist. Ideas from video games and other tabletop games have been folded into mobile card games in fun and fascinating ways. And if classic Solitaire on PC has taught us anything, card games just make for great digital time-killers, and on mobile, you can play them whenever you have time in need of killing.These are the best mobile card games! (And no, Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII isn’t here because the mobile version is ruined by added free-to-play mechanics)Pokemon TCG OnlineWhile Nintendo at large dabbles with mobile games like Super Mario Run and Miitomo, The Pokemon Company is free to do whatever it wants with Pikachu and friends. So it’s no surprise you can now play the massively popular Pokemon Trading Card Game on your mobile device, complete with all the perks you’d expect from playing online and not on the playground.HearthstoneBlizzard is the best in the business at presenting somewhat niche genres in accessible new forms everyone loves, from strategy games to team shooters to MMOs. With Hearthstone, they apply the same formula to deckbuilding trading card games, and the result is one of the most successful and beloved “throwaway” games we’ve ever seen. Rivals like Elder Scrolls, Fighting Fantasy, and The Witcher are already biting its style. But where are the StarCraft characters?Churchill SolitaireDid you know that Winston Churchill created his own version of solitaire and played it while leading England during WWII? Did you know it’s also really tough? With Churchill Solitaire you can find out for yourself. The game was developed in tandem with Donald Rumsfeld, a much lesser politician to say the least, but let’s just ignore that.Shuffle CatsWe’ve already talked a lot about this adorable gin rummy game from our friends at King, but it bears repeating that Shuffle Cats is a pretty nice little mobile card game from the makers of Candy Crush. It also inspired a real-life cat show so of course, we have to give it points for that. We work for the internet!Star RealmsStar Realms is an acclaimed sci-fi deckbuilding game, like Ascension or Dominion, you can actually play in real life. But if you want to play online with no limits, you can also play Star Realms on your mobile device. It’s only appropriate to play a game about the future using the technology of the future.Card Shark CollectionIf you want an extensive, no-frills collection of classic card games, try out Card Shark Collection. They’re all there. Klondike, Go Fish, Gin Rummy, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Texas Hold ‘Em, and dozens more. You can even adjust the way the cards look. At this point, everyone should just have collections like this for educational purposes. It’s part of the cultural games canon.Sage SolitaireIf you like mobile games but don’t know Zach Gage, fix that. This game designer/conceptual artist consistently makes stellar mobile games that combine entertaining concepts with elegant visual design. Sage Solitaire is no different. It remixes classic card game concepts, from Solitaire to Poker, into a singular and irresistible new form.SolitairicaAnother excellent mobile Solitaire remix, Solitairica adds some welcome RPG elements to traditional card gaming. Along with their Solitaire skills, players use items and spells to fight funny monsters in procedurally generated, turn-based card battles. It’s a lot of parts, but they fit pretty well together, and the developers are already updating the game with new expansions.UnoA bonafide card game classic, you know what Uno is. It’s Crazy Eights, kind of. Play it on your mobile device and skip all the dealing and shuffling. Uno video games are nothing new. Uno on Xbox with the Kinect camera even let viewers see things they definitely shouldn’t have, but you can’t beat the portable convenience of mobile.Card Wars KingdomThe beloved Cartoon Network show Adventure Time has never been afraid to wear its nerd influences on its sleeve. The post-apocalyptic cartoon draws inspiration from video games and classic tabletop role-playing games. So it’s only natural that the Adventure Time mobile game Card Wars Kingdom, based on a specific episode of the show, is a collectible card game.Clash RoyaleIt may be rotten with free-to-play elements, but the developers of Clash of Clans sure do know how to make an addictive mobile game. Clash Royale is set in the same cartoon fantasy universe, but it swaps out basebuilding for deckbuilding and real-time strategy. Players use cards to deftly guide an army to crush their opponent.Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel LinksYu-Gi-Oh is an anime literally about playing a card game. But while you can play that game in the real world, chances are the monsters won’t be coming to life. For that you’ll need some digital assistance, like mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. Command a Blue Eyes White Dragon, everyone’s favorite Aryan fantasy reptile, of your very own.Star Wars: Force CollectionForget Han Solo. These days there are hundreds of dang Star Wars characters to keep track of, from Admiral Ackbar to Emperor Sheev Palpatine to Yolo Ziff. With its 400 cards spanning all eras of the saga, Star Wars: Force Collection helps you keep the cast straight with attractive photos and artwork. You can also pit characters against each other in multiplayer battles.Wagers of WarAs far as classic card games go, War is fast and competitive, but maybe a little lacking in terms of depth or staying power. Wagers of War tries to fix that by marrying War to more complex and strategic CCG mechanics. The 30-second rounds themselves are as full of thrilling, rapid decision-making as War players remember, with some added magic balancing. However, in-between the fighting you also steadily improve your deck and your chances by collecting new cards.View as: One Page Slides1/141. Put away your physical Star Realms and play the mobile version of this deckbuilding game.2. Solitairica is a combination card game/RPG/roguelike/comedy. It’s a great mix!3. Sage Solitaire is a card game from Zach Gage, one of the finest mobile game designers.4. Play Winston Churchill’s very own version of Solitaire. 5. Card Sharks Collection is every classic card game you could want.6. Shuffle Cats is Gin Rummy meets adorable felines. What could go wrong?7. Hearthstone is Blizzard’s modern card game masterpiece.8. Pokemon are all over mobile, like in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.9. With card-based, real-time strategy game Clash Royale, the makers of Clash of Clans prove they know exactly how to push all your mobile buttons.10. Card Wars Kingdom turns the delightful post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time into a mobile card game.11. Horde hundreds of Star Wars trading cards from all eras to battle in Star Wars: Force Collection.12. The card game mainstay Uno is a perfect fit for mobile.13. Live out your card game anime dreams with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.14. Card game classic War meets CCGs in Wagers of War.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target The Most Addictive Mobile Clicker GamesSimple Geek’s Guide to…Streaming Services last_img read more