Why Everyone Should Look at the Cover Before it Goes to Print

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first_imgSloppy use of Photoshop continues to wreak havoc on magazine covers.Take Marie Claire’s June 2009 cover. As the Quality in Print blog pointed out, cover girl Beyonce Knowles was handed a Photoshop-induced finger deformity.A typical Photoshop flub? In my opinion, no—it was a combination of lighting and reflective chunky jewelry gone awry. But regardless, it’s an odd distraction that someone should have picked up on. But Beyonce’s mutant hand is child’s play compared to some of the more recent, blatant mistakes, like OK!’s April 20th issue, which showed before and after photos of a “Biggest Loser” reality TV star. The kicker (sorry): the cover’s “after” photo was missing a leg.Of course, these mistakes aren’t limited to magazine covers, as seen on Photoshopmistakes.com, “the best photoshop mistakes and disasters from around the world.” But inconsistencies—the displaced shadows on Time’s November 3, 2008 cover, for instance—are a common occurrence.So what do all of these snafus add up to? It’s the best reason I can think of to make all staffers, bloggers, interns—or even a random guy off of the street—give an issue’s cover the once-over before shipping.last_img read more

Kremlin hopes for UK political epiphany following Boris Johnsons exit

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first_imgBritain`s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in central London, Britain on 16 June 2017. Photo: ReutersThe Kremlin said on Tuesday that former British foreign minister Boris Johnson’s contribution to UK-Russia relations was very modest and that Moscow was now waiting for Britain to have a political epiphany.The poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the English city of Salisbury in March has caused a crisis in relations between Moscow and London, and Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer has said a British woman, Dawn Sturgess, died on Sunday after being poisoned by the same nerve agent.Russia denies British accusations of involvement and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that Moscow hoped reason would now prevail.”We expect, let’s say, Britain to have a political epiphany on this topic,” Peskov told reporters. “Sooner or later we expect some reasonable explanations or arguments about the recent situation in Salisbury and the situation that followed it.”last_img

Harveys Impact Extends As Far As Some Coral Reefs

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first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen 00:00 /01:08 Share NASARunoff from Harvey as seen by satellite imaging.If you’re a salt water organism like those on the reef at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary an influx of freshwater, and the resulting drop in salinity, can kill you.Scientists noticed a mass deaths among sea life at the Flower Garden Banks after freshwater runoff from flooding on the Gulf Coast hit the reef in 2016. So far, runoff from Hurricane Harvey has not caused the same devastation, although some of the reef has shown signs of stress, researchers said. “Coral reefs like ocean water, they’re very sensitive ecosystems and they like stable conditions,” said Kathryn Shamberger, a researcher at Texas A&M University. Runoff can introduce pollutants to the reef and also affect salinity, pH and light levels.“The reef is basically a city where the corals are apartment buildings and there are all sorts of diverse animals and plants living in those apartments,” said Adrienne Correa, a researcher Rice University. When one part of the reef, or apartment, is stressed, so too are others. High stress on the reef can lead to mass die-offs like the one in 2016.Correa said that in 2016 the water was hazy and green, the reef turned pale with pieces its organisms floating around. Right now, there are just small signs of stress. But Correa said researchers are still keeping an eye on the reef.“We might understand as we have more frequent and intense storms, given climate change, how at risk our coral reef ecosystems are going to be when there’s all this freshwater input,” Correa said.Correa said her team will be visiting the reef again in April to observe Harvey’s long term effects on the ecosystem. Xlast_img read more