Linkedn founder how entrepreneurs get through tough times

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introduction: in the current global capital market volatility, capital is widely seen as winter is approaching the moment, entrepreneurial companies how to deal with? What entrepreneurs should keep the quality and attitude of


in October 2015 Chinese Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, Dan capital founding chairman Zhang Shousheng and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman was invited to attend the dialogue session, "how entrepreneurs through the hard times the topic is discussed.

professor Zhang Shousheng is Professor of physics, Department of electronic engineering and Applied Physics, Stanford University. He discovered that the quantum spin Holzer effect is one of the ten major scientific breakthroughs in the world. He on topological insulator and quantum spin Holzer effect of pioneering research based on Professor Zhang won the Guggenheim Fellowship, is seeking an outstanding scientist award, the European prize for physics, the American Physical Society ‘award and Dirac award the Franklin prize in science, the highest award last year, was also a strong contender Townsend Reuters named winner of the Nobel prize. Professor Zhang has been trying for years to promote Sino US scientific and technological exchanges, he was the founder of Silicon Valley’s biggest Chinese science and Technology Organization — Huayuan science and technology association. In 2013, he founded Dan Hua capital, focused on investing in the Stanford University and Silicon Valley innovation company. At present, Dan capital in large data, cloud computing, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and intelligent hardware investment more than the rapid growth, the industry’s leading companies, including 3DR, Cohesity, GoodData, GraphSQL, EverString, Meta, Optimizely, Qeexo, Trustlook etc.. read more

The era of fighting to the pharmaceutical business! Or when the boss, or do.

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Ali health, Ping An Group, rain doctors, registered net and one drug network in the healthcare industry ecosystem layout based on the Internet, why do they want to play the ecological chain? The business logic of the Internet Co is value oriented, to build ecological chain based on a new view on the relationship between business model and enterprise value:

if it is a tool for the application of /APP type enterprise, the valuation of up to $1 billion;

if it is a platform based enterprise, the valuation of $10 billion; read more

The first Taobao store suspected of selling fake last year was still operating 8 penalties

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in my drawer, lying a pile of cards: a restaurant discount card, a KTV membership card, a bank credit card…… But one of the cards, I think I will never be used again, although I also paid for it 5 yuan, the card is the name of "lemon green tea". In February 25th, Guangzhou Fang Chanel clothing company sued 4000 Taobao shop and selling a case in Wuhan court. In the sale of fake Fang Chanel brand Taobao shop list, the most concern is the "lemon Green Tea": the daily web browsing more than 500 thousand, with annual sales of over 100 million yuan, known as the first Taobao store. read more

B2C shoes market fast buy shoes no longer on

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China is currently the rise of B2C for both traditional industries and high-tech enterprises is an opportunity, but this time more of the test is the ability of entrepreneurs to control. It is not difficult to find that in the past year, the venture capital (VC) sector invariably turned to the field of B2C, the domestic B2C companies in the last year, faced with collective outbreak".

by the international financial crisis, the international market demand, coupled with the anti-dumping on the European Union, Peru, and Moscow Cheel Guizo Wo off the market and other factors, China’s footwear exports began to decline since last year, a decline over the previous year deepened, exports of a first drop in ten years. This year’s footwear industry, due to the impact of the country’s overall macroeconomic regulation and control, the majority of entrepreneurs have said that the company’s market development to sound. Enterprises will focus on the optimization of the sales terminal, to clean up inventory, return the funds to maintain the stable operation of enterprises. With the gradual emergence of the current economic crisis, many of the traditional sales channels can survive on the basis of the enterprise, under pressure began to focus on other sales channels, especially the internet. read more

Transformation of traditional corporate philosophy is more important than organizational structure

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why the transformation of traditional enterprises this problem, many people are exploring, each enterprise is considering.

in the transformation of this concept, even if the company does not want to transition to Internet Co to transition to other companies, saying "go", to the development of enterprises, and explore the new situation of the marketing and more advanced management and operation mode are inevitable. Most of the so-called enterprise innovation is in the marketing model, because sales is the leader, sales and access to enterprise prosperity. This ten years, the traditional enterprise sales pressure is not the competition between enterprises, but the online and offline market competition, the major electricity supplier platform circle many sellers, originally a lot of offline to online orders, online and small sellers directly facing the terminal user’s traditional business buyers, beyond the reach of. read more

The influence of third party platform on E-commerce

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The development of

third party e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises play a vital role in the golden Wangzhuan think that a good e-commerce platform, service and functional requirements has very high practical value.

at present, China’s market share accounted for more than third party e-commerce platform Alibaba, global resources, etc.. By the beginning of 2008, Alibaba has a total of 18 million enterprises, accounting for China’s small and medium enterprises of the top 60%, ranking first in China, SMEs can consider the use of Alibaba services. Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Ma Yun, the world’s first small and medium enterprises to carry out e-commerce third party trading platform. The company has been named the world’s best B2B trading platform for 7 consecutive years. Alibaba to let the world is not difficult to do business as the mission to provide a full range of services for the global SME has brought unprecedented opportunities for development. Golden Wangzhuan here a brief introduction of the services provided by the company, in order to illustrate the role of third party platform: read more

Xu Lei said the Jingdong WeChat entrance ten days on the line

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[Reuters] May 21st news billion state power network, the day before Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong in micro-blog, Jingdong in WeChat entrance has been determined in ten days on the line, but it did not disclose the specific time.

Xu Lei said that Jingdong in the entrance of the city needs a large entrance to the city, the proportion of the population for a period of time, gray scale test of WeChat. According to billion state power network to understand, WeChat also launched heavy gray test entrance "practice", such as accessing public comment, the same way ticket business is the first gray test in the Guangdong area, then to the other city. read more

Sogou alliance soon

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Hello everyone:

now Sogou alliance page has been used for two years, we decided to carry out in the near future Sogou alliance page revision work.

1. optimization page, so that the registration process is more clear;

2. to strengthen the payment time and return account information feedback;

3. increase product presentation function;

4. to enhance the advertising shielding function; read more

Taobao overseas direct mail labels logistics online tracking

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news January 6th, days before the seller for overseas direct mail and purchasing, launched overseas direct mail service contract.

reportedly, overseas direct mail contract is the seller independent commitment to buyers of the characteristic service of. The seller promised goods shipped from overseas, and all overseas logistics products are supported online logistics tracking, that consumers can Taobao logistics information or jump to the third party platform to query online orders. read more

Buy site two to the development of foreign domestic innovation and increase the number of busy

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now the Internet is full of Tencent and 360 of the news, from the day of the war, the two Internet companies have never been a lot of news, see the user is paralyzed, no more than one foot. In line of sight all transferred to instant messaging and anti-virus software, while the Internet is rapidly growing group buying site.

China’s group buying site market there are a lot of problems, the previous news, at the end of 8, glutinous rice network launched a $43 buy gaming City coupons, gaming city has closed. Afterwards, glutinous rice nets announced their own advance the full amount of consumption of 43 yuan per person, a total of 570 thousand yuan compensation; and in November 1st, a fitness club boss absconding, employees are also the key body is taken away, and the introduction of group purchase activity in October 26th this clubhouse still handle online…… Similar to this kind of event, from time to time in the group buying site has occurred. It is because of this, the Ministry of Commerce issued the group purchase website authentication to get hot, but the threshold is high, 90% certification is not successful, but also need to pay an annual fee of $45 thousand is the industry is called to pay protection money, credibility questioned! This will still say this thing on the Internet read more

Amazon Tmall flagship store quietly on the main line of imported direct mining business

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Amazon Tmall flagship store quietly on the main imported straight line business

[TechWeb] March 6th news, following the Amazon Kindle flagship store settled in Tmall, Amazon official flagship store last night quietly on the Tmall line. This time, Amazon will be among its cross-border electricity supplier, direct imports of mining business part of the Tmall flagship store.

as a result of the line suddenly, there is no big promotion, all products on the website, the highest sales of a product belonging to the snack category, but only sold 8 pieces. read more

Global Entrepreneur search for the next Google enterprise

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When Google’s stock price has more than $400, there are two questions worth pondering: Google is seriously overrated? Google miracle can copy?

Print selected six "spoilers from dozens of new stars in IT industry". They challenge, change and even destroy the industry, including: hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenue telecommunications and entertainment industry, tens of billions of dollars in classified advertising market, and even the world’s two largest software industry, Microsoft and oracle. read more

54 thousand people to run errands everyone express double 11 single break 70 thousand

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news November 18th, city express Crowdsourcing everyone express platform to disclose billion state power network, the double eleven day campaign, everyone express total served single volume exceeded 70 thousand, a total of 54 thousand people involved in private courier.

it is understood that, in November 11th, everyone express in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other 6 cities launched the city distribution of 1 cents, 15 km to 60 minutes of ground promotion activities. Everyone express relevant responsible person said, in the event, 60 minutes on time to serve a single amount of the total amount of the activities of a single volume of 91.2%, the distribution of direct delivery to the point of direct access to 100%. read more prospectus, profit behind the three key

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titanium media note: the early morning of April 12th, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) formally submitted a prospectus, the launch of the United States IPO, intends to raise $400 million. In that city, especially the downturn takes stock valuation of technology stocks were killed under the environment, what impact the market? What Chen ou to persuade American investors are generally not profitable? The vertical electric field, its strong profitability has become the biggest point of the listing prospectus. Titanium Media Editor according to the prospectus disclosure of the data and information, sorting out three words behind the United States rapid growth and profitability: read more

Alipay released the annual statement, see money are gone

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to the end of the day of reckoning, not really do not know, be shocked. The day before, once a year Alipay released data show that the bill, Zhejiang Province, the per capita amount paid 94192.012 yuan, ranked second in the country; Hangzhou per capita payment amount of 133210.847 yuan, the first in the country.


universal bill data show that in 2015 the user’s food consumption spending an average of 36 yuan each, chowhound is the largest in Shanghai, followed by Beijing and Hangzhou. In all kinds of snack food, braised chicken Steamed Rice beat Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles and Shaxian County snacks, become a new generation of the most popular national cuisine. Travel, last year, the national average cost 20 yuan per taxi. In the mobile phone taxi active list, ranking first in Hangzhou. Look at the red envelopes, the most generous man from Fujian Zhangzhou and Zhejiang Hangzhou, respectively, per capita last year made 1477 yuan and 1433 yuan a red envelope, the number of users send 520 or 1314 yuan a red envelope in the Qixi Festival, is 2 times the Western Valentine’s day, that Chinese pay more attention to the traditional festival. In these Valentine’s day red envelopes, 71.9% by men to women; and there are 19.1% women to men. read more

How to avoid the close contact with the cheater

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online shop, if you do not have a product, then, the vast majority of people are looking for product agents, which will form a shop with Chinese characteristics consignment. With all walks of life are like sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, there may be mixed with the industry elite, but also by suddenly worry and cheating survival rat feces, summarizes some shoes Tianya teach you to identify fraud methods, I hope to help those who are ready to join the shop agent friend.

1: look at operating time: read more

Nearly three thousand phishing site domain name is resolved

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latest statistics show that as of December 10th, Chinese anti phishing alliance Secretariat has received the alliance member’s anti phishing complaints in 3100 cases, with third party accreditation agencies collaborative judgment, stopped 2720 phishing sites related to domain name resolution, daily processing more than 60 phishing sites.

, the head of Secretariat of the league, China Internet Network Information Center Hanhui sun lawyers remind users, before and after new year’s Day is the peak of online shopping, all kinds of phishing sites will seize the opportunity, through the forum, Post Bar and instant messaging tools to send false discount, giving the user information, click the link to once poisoning, online banking accounts, passwords are stolen the risk of. Please raise vigilance. read more

The most basic thinking of e-commerce website

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has been doing grassroots webmaster, now to switch to do network! I’ve seen many webmaster about the operation of the electronic commerce article, now actual operation, many problems to think! Story is not to say, some of the most basic thinking about my city straight into the theme of e-commerce website:

1 a domain name on the domain name? This thing, you point to others is easy, but to choose their own good name really will be a headache! This I have already registered, and the domain name is I did the city classified information, city site navigation, ha ha, due to no the registration is cancelled, presumably this domain name is not very good, even for a long time still no one! I can not forget or re registered as Fuzhou City, electronic commerce website officially launched! Maybe some people don’t understand the domain name for what, because youa is simple and easy to remember and Baidu (ah) FZ is the abbreviation for Fuzhou! How copycat domain name, you remember! If you want to do with the electronic commerce website, the domain name can be "taobao" " youa" add to Combination of initials or code read more

Takeaway open cats and dogs war mode

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[review] with the goods transit in the first half of 2014 Grubhub in the United States, U.S., Amoy little, in the domestic industry to become hot money out of

in a very short time.

text / to mention a chestnut (product transit network columnist)

one year spent similar, each year is different. The Internet industry in the war between the year also appeared a lot of similarities and differences.

what I want to say today is takeout. With the first half of 2014 Grubhub in the United States, U.S., Amoy little bit in the domestic takeaway industry in a very short period of time has become a hot burn. read more

The inflated business model subscription model

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The third wave of

e-commerce officially staged, may have reached its peak. We saw the 2009 flash (the first wave) and the group buying in 2010 (the second wave). Now women’s clothing, handmade food, and even pet medicine can subscribe. In fact, more than 12 start-up companies have begun to follow the path of these three waves. The cost of this kind of company is very low, and the angel investment is also very abundant, anyone seems to be able to create a new site, such as subscribing to coffee?. What about tea? Whatever it may be… read more