Cube network was deep venture financing billion yuan, 51 cars won $30 million C round of investment

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mobile game media cube network was deep venture capital financing

billion yuan

mobile game media cube network recently announced that has completed one hundred million yuan A round of financing, the investor is Shenzhen innovation investment group (deep venture) lead investor, Jingwei venture capital investment. According to public information, which is currently the largest mobile gaming media A round of financing. As of December 2014, the cumulative website cube network (UV) the number of unique visitors reached 600 thousand, mobile video game playing more than one hundred million times. read more

Yang Lan worth 7 billion personal brand is very important, counting those years of entrepreneurial b

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Abstract: they are the beauty and wisdom of the same model, fade the aura of the past, in the road to explore the commercial road, and finally lay a bright commercial sky. Since then, in addition to the famous host, they also more than a "entrepreneur" title, who they have?

they have a dignified atmosphere of the face, all active in the screen, became a hot headed hostess, but in the cause of resignation very influential entrepreneurs.

they are both beauty and wisdom, a model, faded aura of the past, on the road to explore the commercial road, and finally lay a bright commercial sky. From then on, in addition to the famous host, they also have a title of entrepreneur, who they have from their entrepreneurial story, the founders can get what inspiration? read more

Three new board listed sprint 7000 this may have the next BAT

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Abstract: keen attention to the attention of the three new board for a long time. There is a very simple and clear account: when investors in the motherboard market, lucky hit new shares, harvest 10 or more daily limit, the investment income is not cheap. But if investors find a new board can be called the next BAT real growth stocks, perhaps he will get a hundred times earnings.

this is a gold is everywhere, but not everyone can see the era, it is also a star, the rise of industry has accelerated the iteration times, this is more of a non equity is not rich, the poor era will rest on its laurels. read more

Early expansion of money to spend less money 20 years veteran veterans experience

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editor’s note: Jeff Haynie Appcelerator is the co-founder and CEO, is a veteran of 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, he had entrepreneurial brilliance, have experienced the first Internet bubble and the global financial crisis in difficult times. In this process, he summed up the entrepreneurial experience of 5 points, hoping to help you are struggling.

my career with Evan (Snapchat) Spiegel, (Stripe) Collison brothers, as well as most of today’s YouTube star as old. Today’s entrepreneurial circle is very different from my early days. At that time, AOL or send a CD through a dial-up network, mail through the post office and the like. It takes a few hours to cross the dunes. Few companies have their own websites that offer fewer open API applications. So few developers are concerned about API until 2000. read more

38 ppt understand women entrepreneurs who feel the pressure

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has been, female entrepreneurs are extremely important, whether successful or not, side woman, female man more and more. However, want to know is that more and more girls, men feel the pressure of it?

Don’t venture TM all day for nothing, to do the right thing

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1 entrepreneurship is not a product, but to find problems and solve problems.

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I’ve never made a dollar in my own "business". I have been looking for the reason, until I came into contact with many of the lean startup books, after the course, I realized I have been repeatedly made the most of the entrepreneurs in the same mistakes: the domain name registration, website development or app, fantasy and big companies, and look forward to the customers line the team knocked at my door. Recall that the failure of entrepreneurial experience: it looks busy in TM is in be in full swing, read more

Then start to solve the heart itch, Bi can use C2M to create the electricity business millet

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I world network operators had "vertical supplier is a hoax, the controversial remarks Bi Sheng, this time again will focus on entrepreneurship to create electrical business millet". "There are only two part of the consumer, one is to Apple as a representative of the white Formica rich handsome, another high price of millet as the representative of the. And I do is to transform each industry millet."

was due to the vertical electricity supplier is a scam, the rhetoric of the controversial Bi Sheng, this time the venture will be on the goal to build electricity business millet on. read more

Hungry 2015 is the fastest one year who said we want to sell

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May 7th news, the recent rumors of Jingdong is in talks to acquire online takeaway ordering platform hungry, the Jingdong vice president O2O Deng Tianzhuo in the circle of friends in the rumor, said the Jingdong will support hungry entrepreneurs in the end, hungry is a dream of the billions of dollars to the level of the company. At the same time, hungry Luo Yulong vice president recently in an exclusive interview with the state power grid also said that hungry since May began to frequent the new action to market, 2015 will be hungry in the history of the greatest change in a year. read more

How to open shop to make money, ah, how to open shop detailed steps

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years after the business is now open shop

is still over the years to be what a headache? There is no suitable work, no favorite venture, without too much cost, over the years and have dizzy spells slowly, decide on what path to follow? As Taobao

shop to start their own business!No

experience does not matter, does not promote it anyway, two thousand dollars can open a virtual recharge shop, there is a special teacher taught a knowledge, video more hundreds of promotion methods, free of charge, don’t believe a pie in the sky, is really able to do read more

nternet plus business, whether more like traditional industries

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predicts that this year’s economic growth will be 7%. 2015, China is facing a critical period of economic restructuring. The leaders put forward a lot of economic and political system reform of fundamental policy. Such as reducing the company registration threshold, Daxing public entrepreneurship, innovation". In the Internet field, also put forward the "Internet plus". Internet industry people are greatly excited to hear. No matter what, we must want to through the Internet, the overall transformation of the overall penetration of traditional industries. This does not, the United States mission known as the first half revenue of up to 45 billion. BAT followed the war. Baidu launched the degree of secret, the introduction of membership +, glutinous + strategy, claiming to be connected to the 3600 line. Ali’s acquisition of the United States mission is not, the current rumor came, the United States and the u.s.". The United States fought back. Ali restart word of mouth network". A long time ago, Tencent shares of public comment and Jingdong. Recently, the United States and the United States to invest in Uber drops travel Lyft, the war will burn to the United states. read more

Stir live and VR the Rio Olympic Games has come to an end whose entrepreneurial opportunities come

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2016 Rio Olympic Games now to the end, some changes have occurred quietly. The circle of friends about the gold medal less, Taobao online new expression package more mutual fighting sports power; less, multinational athletes group CP; before the black black site security less, discuss the black technology more match…… People’s sports spirit as if suddenly awakened, suggesting what happened in the past four years.

46 document issued in October 2014, known as China’s sports industry historic breakthrough. By the State Council personally depicts 5 trillion the size of the market, followed by the entrepreneurial boom, will push the sports venture capital is concentrated into the air, explosive, seems to be pushing the rush to speed up the pace to catch up with the Olympic bonus 2016. read more

Three reasons for Snap decided to choose the listing in the PO downturn

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[Abstract] U.S. mobile chat social tools Snap plans to market in the first half of next year.

BI Chinese station on October 7th reported

according to foreign media reports, the U.S. mobile chat social tools Snapchat, plans to market in the first half of next year. Snapchat market valuation may reach $25 billion.

recently, Snapchat changed the company’s name, the new name is "Snap", the company is also ready to enter the field of hardware, the introduction of a camera can be glasses. read more