Magic box important announcement the first week of the end of the week settlement started today

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      magic box advertising platform ( The first week of the settlement week begins from now on, please income over 100 yuan of main website friends, filled their bank related to speed information and contact phone number, for the convenience of our staff and contact you.

      note: Please site owners in the first settlement period, as soon as possible to copy a copy of their ID card to our advertising platform, the format is as follows:

      TO: magic box advertising platform read more

Ma Yun the company’s most sad is the founder of the realm

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text / MA

most company founders nature for fear of losing control of the company, no ground for blame since insecurity, around entrepreneurs, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. In particular, the more successful the founding boss will be more and more inexplicable concern.

founder of the company’s control has two major errors. 1. I always think I love this company better than anyone else in the company. 2. To control the company’s decision only by controlling shares. read more

Google Adsense need to pay attention to the place

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do their own Google Adsense time is not long, the experience is not much, but still want to put their ideas and the recent knowledge of the network to learn and share with you, hoping to help some people.

below is the idea of a few points:

1, a machine do not login multiple accounts, so as not to think we cheat

2, I didn’t chant K, it is said that if the account is K, will have to change the system or change the account, also as much information as possible for a new


3, as far as possible don’t click on their own advertising ( read more

2009 sites to make money Raiders

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1 select site entry point. Is to consider what type of site. If you build a regional website, then what category should be done, is the city shopping, or classified information, or property leasing. Some people say that XX type sites do not make money, I can responsibly tell you what type of website can make money, the key to see whether you have the resources, whether the heart, whether to have the mature planning and execution strategy. Can also consider some hot site type, such as fashion class, IT class, the game kind of site, the key is to like yourself, for yourself. read more

He found the degreeses looking for the next network……

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              Internet era has infinite possibilities, stop in front of the glass will be broken.

new Zhejiang, September – 5, we do the site of the industry, a lot of people seem to be ‘soil’." An industry website veteran told reporters. It seems that this seems to be incompatible with the ever-changing personality of the Internet, however, it is this group of people, created the Chinese miracle of the internet.

industry website was born and developed in the massive economy of Zhejiang is not surprising. Today, at least 70% of the industry’s Web site is hiding in a corner of Zhejiang. Some people say that the industry website is Zhejiang yourself on the Internet, with the Internet understanding "by foreign culture influence returnees compared to Zhejiang local businessmen appear to be more pragmatic, more grassroots. Zhejiang businessmen to create the industry website, there is no gorgeous beautiful story, some just snowball rolling development model. They did not have a strong sense of venture capital, they are accompanied by the development of the industry and steady growth. Until one day, suddenly found the same industry website Hi2000 is listed, and immediately sought after, they deeply realized the power of capital. read more

E-commerce offers personalized demand signs

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When the network is more and more popular, the pace of the spring is getting near, so as to e-commerce, e-commerce website from more and more successful financing can peep one spot and see the whole picture. But relative to the previous electronic commerce, now the market has not been so general and simple, market segments, seeking individual needs more stable, big to small, small things, e-commerce enterprises have begun to know how to use the spark to prairie fire.

of online consumers, brand trust is their focus on at the same time the price competitiveness of an important reference, online consumers have some users like Anthony gold. For them, although the price is the most important factor, but the price is not the most important relative to the brand value. In fact, they pay more attention to speed and convenience. They wait for a page to upload and display speed, they need a powerful web site. For this type of consumer, speed, functionality and convenience of the three factors is almost more than the price factor is more than 3 times. Convenience is more important than brand reputation or product selection.

read more

Taobao guest as long as you insist on the easy to do a monthly income of 6 thousand

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if you complain about why their Tao did not make any money, or why earn only dozens or even a few pieces of Taobao? Where customers do not understand


please ask yourself your own heart? Is not only for a guest, then go online without any meaning everywhere post, that it can earn money, tell you anything quite so simple.

up to now, nearly 500 thousand guest army from the network to make money. Before the competition the Tao do not many people, their daily work is very simple, just post, leave a message, good words thousand is not a problem. So more and more people enter Amoy, Amoy some feel some problems, just post a is too tired, the two is the turnover probability is too small. Here I only introduce myself how to do now 6K income. Not nonsense, thought 6K to those who do good people feel very little. So master over estimate…………… read more

Baidu third quarter survey of service satisfaction

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dear alliance members, Hello:

      Alliance third quarter service satisfaction survey has been successfully concluded.

      thanks to the valuable opinions and suggestions of the members. The feedback information will help us to further improve the service level of the alliance.

      to thank the member to participate in the membership list, we surveyed in 10 randomly selected winners of membership. The
read more

Cheetah Leopard change two engineering man after the story

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reporter Hou Jiyong Beijing reported

shortly after the Spring Festival this year, the cheetah mobile CTO Xu Ming, CMO Liu Xinhua and his entourage came to San Francisco, there are two tasks, one is in the United States RSA information security conference, another task is to recruit, expand U.S. branch. The United States has two tasks, one is R & D, and the two is marketing and business cooperation.

and Cheetah mobile CEO Fu is staying in Beijing, ready to go to the u.s.. Cheetah move has been submitted to the SEC secret listing application report, and is ready to submit the listing application report to the SEC at the appropriate time. read more

n the China online education explosive growth is too early

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editor’s note: This article by IT training website in China north network operations director Kang Xiaofei (Tencent micro-blog feeds).

since 2012, online education has become a hot topic in the Internet industry, a lot of online education is the electricity supplier "," online education will view the development of blowout and continue to emerge, such as Xu Xiaoping proposed: 2013 or later years, may burst out a change of learning habits of people. Online learning is like shopping online so popular. But from the author of more than 5 years of online education industry operating experience, the industry talk about explosive growth is too early. read more

Do not know how to achieve the technology of how to earn eight thousand monthly

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with the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of Internet users has become Chinese geometric increase in the number of online shopping, more and more people, also spawned a variety of shopping sites, do Wangzhuan more people to more, of course there are a lot of bluff Wangzhuan order mixed beads, say what the day to earn Liangbaisanbai pull off the assembly line and make what percentage, you also want to open their eyes to identify these scams, not deceived, then, according to my own experience to do Wangzhuan two years to write this article, and I hope to do not understand technology and want to make industry into the net friends some help. read more

14 of the worst user experience of the site

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1 long page download time

if the page download time more than 30 seconds, it is difficult to have the user will love your website.

The use of flash and

3. Web page is too long

Now Chinese

there are such people. And a large number. read more

Wen Qing entrepreneurship are all the way goods standing on the crossroads of science and technology

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introduction: Wen Qing entrepreneurs is common in talking about the business model, talk about the love of human feelings, attention to the user experience, emphasizing the aesthetics of life.

China early Internet arena, professional skills from it: Robin Li, noble Park Zhongzhi Ma Huateng, Zhou Hongyi, Ding Lei, Lei jun…… At the moment these entrepreneurs are already achieve success and win recognition, geeks origin, because the product at the same time, with the success of "business model" and the success of. But in the process of entrepreneurship in these geeks, not because of personal preferences and choose their own entrepreneurial direction. read more

U.S. officials said they are studying whether the world trade review of China’s Google

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global network news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao website 10, Reuters reported that the U.S. trade representative Kirk said that Washington is studying whether to the World Trade Organization (WTO) complaint China network review of Google and other U.S. companies.

also said that Kirk also said that to solve the problem more quickly, or direct talks with Beijing. The United States is trying to resolve the dispute through bilateral channels, such as the China US Joint Commission on commerce and trade. Kirk said it will spend two or three even more than four years, more appropriate in the legal battle. read more

Do CPS webmaster must start from zero

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CPS is the abbreviation of the English cost per sale, in accordance with the literal meaning is to understand the amount of sales in accordance with the Commission to get their own, it is now more popular e-commerce marketing model.

is currently the larger e-commerce website basically built the CPS alliance, such as Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, excellence, dream bazaar etc.. The basic operation mode is user register in the alliance, the choice of goods code, and linked to their website or blog, users click and buy it, will be settled with the Union in a certain period of time. read more

Web site can not bear the weight of the vertical portal entrepreneurship three blood training

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the Internet this line, there is no interest in the grass root Indoorsman difficult to adhere to the spirit of the people.

fortunately, so many years down, barely considered a mouthful of rice, do not have to run around for a little time.

if ten years ago and after ten years what is the same, that is still love the Internet, and in this line of struggle. From a high school to become a family, we generally only over that age old webmaster can appreciate the persistence and sad.

I was looking at the figure of the king, who is the same person in the same way when A5 was founded. read more

Talking about how to make profit in Web Games

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with web game hot, more and more web games in the market, and for the leisure chess game is still at the starting stage, currently engaged in this company is very small, Guangzhou Longyou science and technology under the banner of the play is one of them. Today, such as the analysis of the game to play such a casual chess game profitability.

To play

(, will present at the QQ games, China game center game client in some of the most popular games, such as chess, landlords, upgrades, mahjong made the web version, QQ chess game in some functions, such as magic, other teams are also included. The game will be moved to the concept of chess games, is indeed a good idea, but also in line with the needs of the players to work. read more

Depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of major advertising alliance

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a, first of all, what is the advertising alliance. Advertising alliance, usually refers to the network advertising alliance. Amazon in 1996 through this new way, for tens of thousands of sites to provide additional sources of income, and become the main survival of the network SOHO. At present, in our country, the alliance marketing is still in the embryonic stage, although some individuals or enterprises began to get involved. This area, but the scale is not large, the general network marketing staff and network management personnel on the alliance marketing is still relatively strange. read more

Taobao passenger imperfections to worry about the webmaster

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when the station released when Ali Mama advertising on the site, if there is no one to buy advertising, or not display click on ads, by default, is that Taobao customer advertising, this can be said to be one of his strengths. Because he shows the Taobao guest connection, are with your mother Ali PID, there are users by clicking on the ad, into the purchase of things, you can actually be divided into.

but he’s also a weakness. In my station, most of the visitors are dominated by men, so I add the text Taobao passenger connections are mainly to men, good income, a day is good, also down a few money. read more

A fine network entrepreneurial model of the largest profit value

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Open network company, it is always "seven or eight people, success stories of two or three guns, such as Baidu, Xiamen scholar, Beijing Guofeng (3721)…… So, all levels of the company and business in the study and imitation, in fact, every successful company is not far behind the seven or eight people, two or three guns "so simple, the leader of the character, the direction of enterprise development, development goals and team cohesion, every link must undergo training, always experienced entrepreneurs, development, transformation and development…… Such a cycle process, as a start-up phase, the author summarizes some experience for those who wish to learn from the entrepreneurial network, by the 2005 network entrepreneurial tide, to achieve the ideals of the times hero.   read more