U.S. officials said they are studying whether the world trade review of China’s Google

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global network news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao website 10, Reuters reported that the U.S. trade representative Kirk said that Washington is studying whether to the World Trade Organization (WTO) complaint China network review of Google and other U.S. companies.

also said that Kirk also said that to solve the problem more quickly, or direct talks with Beijing. The United States is trying to resolve the dispute through bilateral channels, such as the China US Joint Commission on commerce and trade. Kirk said it will spend two or three even more than four years, more appropriate in the legal battle. read more

Do CPS webmaster must start from zero

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CPS is the abbreviation of the English cost per sale, in accordance with the literal meaning is to understand the amount of sales in accordance with the Commission to get their own, it is now more popular e-commerce marketing model.

is currently the larger e-commerce website basically built the CPS alliance, such as Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, excellence, dream bazaar etc.. The basic operation mode is user register in the alliance, the choice of goods code, and linked to their website or blog, users click and buy it, will be settled with the Union in a certain period of time. read more

Web site can not bear the weight of the vertical portal entrepreneurship three blood training

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the Internet this line, there is no interest in the grass root Indoorsman difficult to adhere to the spirit of the people.

fortunately, so many years down, barely considered a mouthful of rice, do not have to run around for a little time.

if ten years ago and after ten years what is the same, that is still love the Internet, and in this line of struggle. From a high school to become a family, we generally only over that age old webmaster can appreciate the persistence and sad.

I was looking at the figure of the king, who is the same person in the same way when A5 was founded. read more

Talking about how to make profit in Web Games

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with web game hot, more and more web games in the market, and for the leisure chess game is still at the starting stage, currently engaged in this company is very small, Guangzhou Longyou science and technology under the banner of the play is one of them. Today, such as the analysis of the game to play such a casual chess game profitability.

To play

(http://s.wlm.wan1ba.com/), will present at the QQ games, China game center game client in some of the most popular games, such as chess, landlords, upgrades, mahjong made the web version, QQ chess game in some functions, such as magic, other teams are also included. The game will be moved to the concept of chess games, is indeed a good idea, but also in line with the needs of the players to work. read more

Depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of major advertising alliance

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a, first of all, what is the advertising alliance. Advertising alliance, usually refers to the network advertising alliance. Amazon in 1996 through this new way, for tens of thousands of sites to provide additional sources of income, and become the main survival of the network SOHO. At present, in our country, the alliance marketing is still in the embryonic stage, although some individuals or enterprises began to get involved. This area, but the scale is not large, the general network marketing staff and network management personnel on the alliance marketing is still relatively strange. read more

Taobao passenger imperfections to worry about the webmaster

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when the station released when Ali Mama advertising on the site, if there is no one to buy advertising, or not display click on ads, by default, is that Taobao customer advertising, this can be said to be one of his strengths. Because he shows the Taobao guest connection, are with your mother Ali PID, there are users by clicking on the ad, into the purchase of things, you can actually be divided into.

but he’s also a weakness. In my station, most of the visitors are dominated by men, so I add the text Taobao passenger connections are mainly to men, good income, a day is good, also down a few money. read more

A fine network entrepreneurial model of the largest profit value

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Open network company, it is always "seven or eight people, success stories of two or three guns, such as Baidu, Xiamen scholar, Beijing Guofeng (3721)…… So, all levels of the company and business in the study and imitation, in fact, every successful company is not far behind the seven or eight people, two or three guns "so simple, the leader of the character, the direction of enterprise development, development goals and team cohesion, every link must undergo training, always experienced entrepreneurs, development, transformation and development…… Such a cycle process, as a start-up phase, the author summarizes some experience for those who wish to learn from the entrepreneurial network, by the 2005 network entrepreneurial tide, to achieve the ideals of the times hero.   read more

More than 17 million 500 thousand blog users in China for more than 70% sleep

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More than 70% of the sleep blog, a huge waste of network resources

from the active blog of the year registered a point of view, since 2002, the scale of 2 to blog every year to 3 times the speed of rapid growth, the current size of more than in 2002 increased by 30 times. Survey report shows that the current blog readers in more than 75 million, of which active blog reader is 54 million 700 thousand.

According to the

read more

Analysis of the characteristics of nternet advertising and nternet advertising communication

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with the rapid development of the Internet, online advertising as the main source of revenue and concern, and as a representative of a new advertising media and widely acclaimed. Compared with the traditional advertising media, the network media based on Internet advertising has many traditional media can not achieve the advantages, has been favored by many users. Through the analysis and research of network advertising, and on the basis of drawing on the majority of professional research papers, the author thinks that the main characteristics of network advertising in the following aspects. read more

dentify the giant blind nternet grassroots entrepreneurs play counter attack

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Li Jingying

Suzhou yuan Wo Holdings Limited Executive Vice President Fei Jianjiang has been concerned about the investment opportunities in the field of TMT, in contact with the mobile internet project, he would often ask entrepreneurs the same question, "if (BAT, Ali, the three giants) do the same business with you, what would you do?"

Fei Jianjiang told the first financial daily, usually entrepreneurs will tell him how high the technical threshold of the project, the degree of familiarity with the industry, in order to take advantage of their own business. read more

Several popular Taobao guest program evaluation

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January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers the largest network marketing platform "Amoy promotion platform", means that the implementation of the strategy of Taobao, the further integration of the original guest promotion platform and Taobao trading platform to complete the


Taobao off the fire, and a variety of Taobao customer programs have sprung up, fees, free of charge, a key to modify the PID, API interface, and so on a variety of programs in the network out of the group. Those clamoring for free, earn thousands of dollars often have a backdoor Trojan program. A key to modify the PID is often a trap, the API interface provides free programs are often linked to Taobao’s database, and so on a variety of issues will come. Of course, there are a few procedures that are really good, it is worth the adoption of webmaster. The following recommendations of the three procedures each have their own advantages, suitable for different levels of webmaster use, I believe that many webmasters have used these three procedures in a. read more

Yiqifa advertising prices and new advertisers stay

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Love Valley click  

        Love Valley mall currently engaged in the project, health care products, and Jian Wei, sexy underwear, breast products, male impotence, contraception, pregnancy test and other Adult supplies, a total of eight more than 9000 kinds of goods. In the enthusiastic support of the majority of users, after 5 years of hard work, Love Valley mall has become the largest professional website of adult products industry. Love Valley mall to complete the types of goods, reliable product quality, the lowest price, flexible ordering, fast and thoughtful service to win the majority of consumers trust and praise, and won the honorary title of Chinese unit integrity of electronic commerce in 2006.
        Love Valley since its inception, adhere to the "customer first" philosophy, uphold the value creation and maintenance of the legitimate interests of the user for the user is the first business purpose, with good reputation and high quality customer service in the field of e-commerce activities of the champion. Improve the quality, professional norms of the purchase channels, fake a compensable ten commitment to quality, quality service reputation, the first low, established the valley of love to become the first brand of Chinese goods. Effective user price: 0.03 yuan a click  .

data return: 48 hoursShe loved the flowers and tea read more

Analysis on the effect of two major advertising alliance

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Google AdSense has been for 10 months, recently filed for Baidu web promotion was adopted, combined with their own independent blog on the situation of the two major advertising effectiveness about personal views.

Google AdSense ads match better

is Baidu GG AD web promotion, advertising, more powerful. Although all the contents of advertisements, but in the actual process of delivery, can easily find Google AdSense generally can be matched to the correlation with the content of the advertisement, the occasional irrelevant situation, but also in a reasonable range, but Baidu web promotion really flattered. I like the independent blog was the main concern is the Internet and news commentary, Baidu, are hospitals, industrial equipment and construction machinery of the advertisement, feel a little technical content. Even in many cases, I found that the hospital has been put on a reproduction of the picture ads, but occasionally change color, people look very uncomfortable. I think, if such ads often appear in such a more orthodox blog, where there is what "user experience"? Don’t take visitors away even if Amitabha Luo, which dare to expect them to click to give me 10 Fen income? This with Google immeasurably. read more

Online education in China still only belong to the school tyrants will not be favored by learning sl

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editor’s note the author micro-blog @ST_ to work harder, online education practitioners, once the school tyrants. This paper points out that his eyes Chinese online education bottleneck because cancer of traditional education, students motives, Curve Wrecker is still the main audience. Welcome to your opinion.

In recent years

MOOC (MOOC) and development of online education and training is very rapid, many platforms like bamboo shoots after a spring rain well-known websites emerge in general, including foreign Udacity, Cousera and edX, the domestic Bay networks, micro lesson nets, prospects for development can not be ignored. Many industry insiders believe that there is no leader in online education platform, will become the next growth point of the Internet and the focus of competition. read more

Raise the dead Hardware startups how to lose support in China and the United States

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this is a GoPro style advertising promotional video: beside the vast expanse of the sea, a wearing black sunglasses, wearing a white T-shirt man standing hand in Boulder a drone almost smaller than the palm of your hand jumped up, toward the distant sky. This is the city of Shenzhen Sheng Xiang Technology Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sheng Xiang Technology") launched UAV flying formothion palm self launched to raise page promotional video in the Jingdong.

  read more

Why small businesses to escape WeChat public platform

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is currently the most popular sentence is called: micro-blog missed, WeChat missed, hand Q public platform, you want to miss it?

Why did

say as we start it, come on, I’ll give you something you missed the Internet count: eBay missing people, open in the later Taobao platform skill, Taobao missed, in the later pat and ah, the Jingdong to show its mettle, miss the blog platform people show later in the personal blog, personal blog skill, miss the people, show in the later micro-blog in skill, micro-blog missed, for from the media from the media to show its mettle, missing people, ready to show in the WeChat circle of friends in the skill, but also to the public (subscription number, WeChat platform service number) in mettle. read more

The entertainment circle to the capital Zhao Weihua 60 million win 3 billion to 5 billion 600 millio

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No matter how people eat melon

black Zhao Wei, she certainly is no longer the flag event because "every day is a nightmare" to "swallow", and "you can have in you envy me to me helpless" quickly turned into a "money winner", now the highest paid female entertainment she is none other than non star.

in December last year, Zhao Wei was reported to be 3 billion A shares of listed companies holding thousands of cultural news, we are not from this big shock in Huanguo God, January 11th vanguard culture’s announcement shows that Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong worth up to 5 billion 663 million yuan, and holds a number of listed company shares. read more

The face of entrepreneurial wave three reflection bubble a 90 continuous entrepreneurial failure

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90 students entrepreneurs in Chinese encountered with many times today’s fickle entrepreneurial environment. After a failed business comeback a few who are unwilling to remain out of the limelight, resulting in the formation of such a word: Serial Entrepreneur (failure).

really can have self-knowledge after the failure of the venture, choose not to start a business, join the big company, sink down to reflect on the self of the young people today, but has become a valuable scarce.

Luo forest, 94 years old, student of Heilongjiang Academy of Engineering computer science major. Late last contact with him was in July, when he was still doing a named "hire love" after 90 love APP, but he has to give up the difficult, almost edge connections are often without hearing a word about. read more

Six tips for prospective entrepreneurs do not blindly jump into the circle

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/ A to Ara


April 1st, on-line to raise public shareholding in the Jingdong conference, CEO Liu Qiangdong launched to support grassroots entrepreneurship "multi-creation University"; not long ago, the former focused on commercial real estate Vanke Beijing area CEO Mao Daqing, is also the construction of real estate business incubator and the organic combination; in February this year, aimed at promoting the development of emerging industries Nanjing "321 talent plan" started in 2015 "Double Plan" reporting…… read more

Silicon Valley investors share the experience why entrepreneurs learn to tell stories

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from the perspective of a well-known Silicon Valley investor, readers and entrepreneurs to share the harvest and experience of investment. The investor believes that telling a good story is an important skill as an entrepreneur. Do not look down on this, because, storytelling can be said to be the basis of our entrepreneurial work, financing, recruitment and media publicity rely on storytelling and survival". Especially in the early stage, investors tend to hesitate to invest or not, you have to use your story to attract them, the story should have a clear picture of what you want to do, the vision of the future and so on". It should be noted that the story can be varied, but not the same, you need to tell your story from different perspectives, different ideas". read more