Real Valladolid already recognizes specific offers for Salisu

Posted On May 14 2020 by

first_imgIn this quarantine period, in which soccer is stopped, one of the protagonists of the current blanquivioleta is being Mohammed Salisu, now immersed in Ramadan. Not surprisingly, he seems to be the player for whom many of the great teams in Europe sigh, his departure seems close, as pointed out last weekend by his representative and the Real Valladolid sports director acknowledged yesterday on Radio Marca Valladolid that they are sending those interested in the termination clause, as already told in AS, and who have already received concrete offers: “We want the player to continue here and we are fighting for it, but if for whatever reason he decides to go out to another beautiful project, the club It will refer to the clause, which is what we are doing with the teams that have asked, the offers are from Spain and abroad and there are clubs that are close to paying the clause, but they try to make payment methods more flexible, there are clubs very interested in the Premier League, in France two, in Italy three and in Spain really one, there are already very concrete things. “What he did deny is that Real Madrid have any preferential option over the blanquivioleta player, Gómez affirming that “there is no priority from Real Madrid for Mohammed Salisu, there are interested clubs that have already passed more than mere interest, they tell us about very specific situations to study and analyze. Offers have come in for Salisu and are more decisions of the board of directors, but there is no preferential option for any team. “ Gómez took advantage of his interview on the aforementioned station to review other current issues, such as the situation of Ben Arfa, for which other clubs have already taken an interest for next season: “The attitude is very good, now that he was picking up the pace he has been left with honey on his lips and wants to continue with us until the end of the season. He is enchanted in the residence passing quarantine “, the time of the renewal of Miguel: “We have had an approach with your company this week, we are negotiating and trying to find that definitive point, we are making a tremendous effort to provide a solution to the whole issue” and he did not rule out the interest in Sandro continue as blanquivioleta: “He has a valid contract with Everton and it will be necessary to give a return to the subject. If he is comfortable here and wants to continue or does not want to continue and then the characteristics of that operation if we can assume them.last_img read more